President The President is the leader of a chapter/club, and may be voted into this position or have it handed down from the previous President.
Their power varies from club to club, either requiring a popular vote to have their wishes forwarded, or simply ordering members to complete them. Generally acts the signatory for the club in legal contracts. The president of the mother chapter is the president of all of the clubs.

A. Preside over meetings and the club's overall organization, direction and well being.
B. Act as the club representative to other MCs and players.
C. Serve as the final authority for group member status and promotions, demotions or expulsion from the club.
D. Help with interpretations of officers' roles, responsibilities and duties within the club.
E. Hold the authority to declare war and officially form alliances
Vice President The Vice President is the second in command, and will lead in times where the President cannot (such as illness or incarceration). In some clubs, the President may be a figurehead of sorts and the Vice President will be the "true" leader of a club. He is either voted into this position, or appointed by the President.

A. To perform all functions of the President if he is unable to do so.
B. Demonstrate leadership and role model behavior to all officers and patched members.
C. Holds the power of veto if a member acts beyond the scope of the constitution. These issues will be put to a vote if the Vice President vetoes a given measure
Secretary The Secretary is best described as the bookkeeper of a club, and will maintain membership details, meeting minutes. The Secretary usually arranges club meetings. He is either voted into this position or appointed by the President.The secretary is responsible for the clubs paperwork. He keeps minutes of meetings and records dates of significant events, such as anniversary dates (when prospects gain their patch). He corresponds with other gangs and it’s his job to keep members informed of upcoming events. The secretary is usually responsible for keeping records of club assets.

A. Directly works with all officers and enforcers to ensure whole well being within the entire MC including the Prospects.
B. Helps the SGT AT ARMS Lead the club into battles.
C. Helps prospects in becoming great club members.
Treasurer The Treasurer handles the assets and financial records of the club. Club properties may be owned in the Treasurer's name. He may also sign legal contracts for the club. Either voted or appointed. The treasurer is the chapters’ money-man and he’s in charge of collecting club fees, run funds etc and paying the bills. The treasurer is responsible for collecting any debts owed to the gang and usually gets the job of checking out business opportunities prior to any decisions being made.

A. To oversee and schedule opportunities for crew members to generate revenue.
B. Record key notes from meetings, general club business and members roster and current club status.
C. Responsible for scheduling, organizing and coordinating club events in cooperation with the President and other Officers.
D. Promote the Black Wasp and assist with recruiting.
Sergeant-at-Arms The Sergeant-at-Arms. Their basic role is to keep order at meetings and handle clubhouse and club security. In "outlaw" clubs, this role may extend to leading the club in attacks during war, and trying to identify members deemed to be disloyal or potentially acting for law enforcement, then handling them - usually brutally. They may also provide members with weapons if necessary.

A. Supplies weapons and artillery for all patched members.
B. Demonstrates proficiency in all forms of combat.
C. Works closely with the Enforcers & Security chief in leading the clubs battles, & organizes and creates new fighting techniques.
D. Responsible for assisting members and prospects in developing player abilities.
E. Works with all media development
Road Captain Road Captain. Organizes routes for clubs to take when out on a ride, and ensures safety on the road.

A. Organize and oversee club runs in cooperation with the President and other officers.
B. To establish and enforce riding standards and procedures during club runs.
C. Ensure the safety of members during group runs and establish security for all runs conducted in public lobbies.
Ambassador The club ambassador is a representative of the club, who has the authority to enforce the rules and help make decisions on behalf of the club.

A. The Black Wasp Ambassador serves as a direct representative of the club. He is the agent in charge of club relations and external politics.
B. In cooperation with The TOP 9, the Ambassador is responsible for official club alliances and meetings. He will schedule multi-crew rides and meetings to solidify crew alliances.
Enforcer Enforcers are the backbone of the cabinet. They aid with club decisions and are always ready and willing to get involved in club business, no matter what that business is. The Enforcers are here to help the Sergeant At Arms in this job, mainly they are here to stand guard in meeting or in events, they're the security.
Patch The patched members are the brothers in the club that have proved themselves to be loyal and committed members, often getting involved in club activites.
Prospect A prospect is a "prospective" member of the club who is yet to earn his patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told and follow the orders of patchmembers. They must be prepared to engage in illegal activities to prove their loyalty to the club. Prospects have no voting rights and do not attend meetings unless invited in. Prospecting period will last from 6 months to a year.